the SPK trio

Kevin Pike - saxophone
John Kotchian - drums, bass
David Seay - hurdy gurdy, saw, harmonica, tiple, banjo, yak horn and more

Free jazz group The Pike/Kotchian Duo have collaborated with multi-instrumentalist David Seay on the recording Out of the Plains.
An abstract exploration of past and present in Nebraska, the album features trio improvisations and recomposed jazz.

Out of the Plains is available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, youtube and other streaming services.

1. The Great Gathering at the Platte - about the Sandhill Cranes that migrate to the Platte River every Spring
2. Prehistoric Fish - Nebraska was an ocean in prehistoric times
3. I-80 - Interstate 80 crosses Nebraska from east to west...this song is about the juxtapostion of 18-wheeled commerce vs every-day travelers in cars
4. The Ballad of Chief Standing Bear - an ode to the great Ponca Chief Standing Bear
5. Dust Bowl - a devastating time in the 1930s for the drought-stricken Great Plains
6. Green Sky - musical depiction of a summer storm in Nebraska, where the sky turns green before a tornado
7. Where the Buffalo Roamed - about the near extinction of the American Bison due to westward expansion by white settlers
8. Out of the Plains - an abstract retrospective on the history of the Great Plains
9. Home Away From Home - a musical commentary by saxophonist Kevin Pike about living in Omaha

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These songs comprise free improvisations we made as a trio without any preconceived notions on theme or composition prior to recording them. I mixed, edited, recorded new layers and came up with these song titles post-improvisation. The above concepts and song contexts were developed in the mix-down and post-production phase of the album.
-- Kevin Pike